Is being sober boring? A look at life after addiction and alcoholism
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December 16, 2021
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January 5, 2022

Drinking out of boredom is common, especially among those suffering from other mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. If you give up after a couple of minutes of feeling disinterested, you’ll never get into it. Sometimes you just have to persist until you overcome that initial resistance. Try picking something you want to do and sticking with it for a certain length of time no matter what.

But that’s actually not what you’re doing. You are doing hard emotional and physical work every single minute. If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol use, we can help. Footprints to Recovery offers alcohol addiction treatment that’s evidence-based and personalized to your clinical needs, preferences, and life situation.

Reasons Why You Are Bored Without Alcohol

For you, it might be dreary after-work drinks or that book club that just seems to be a cover for unbridled midweek boozing. But you will be amazed by how many things that you have spent time and money on for years are, in the cold light of sobriety, rubbish. Since you are worried about how much alcohol you are consuming, try taking some steps to change your drinking habits. It’s unclear from your question exactly how much you’re drinking.

  • They bought themselves watercolor paints, or beautiful crayons.
  • What would you get up at 5 in the morning to do that isn’t drinking, not that anyone got up at five in the morning to drink?
  • The trick is to structure your days so that you have enough to do that you’re not bored but not so much to do that you feel stressed and overwhelmed.
  • Located in Central Ohio, our comprehensive addiction treatment facility offers several levels of care to fit the needs of each individual.
  • Whether your sobriety has you wallowing in boredom or self-pity, please know that it will get better.

It’s responsible for more than 95,000 deaths annually. Many people struggle with drinking out of boredom, and even if they don’t particularly like alcohol or its effects. Studies have shown that easily bored people are at higher risk of anxiety, depression, drug addiction, alcohol misuse, anger, and a number of other issues. Boredom can unexpectedly become a cue for sensation-seeking behavior. The current pandemic has highlighted how boredom can trigger the misuse of substances, particularly alcohol. In fact, alcohol sales outside of bars and restaurants surged 24% shortly after stay-at-home orders began.

Additional resources to fight boredom in sobriety:

What’s more, you may find that doing something–anything–gets you out of your rut. Boredom is not fundamentally different from any other challenging emotion. It’s typically some mix of restlessness, dissatisfaction, and lethargy.

  • If you have other coping skills you can reach for you, you may be less likely to turn to alcohol to help you regulate your feelings.
  • There is a quiet time between drinking and your life after drinking.
  • Feeling bored, sad, lonely, or anxious about something are all very human things to feel.
  • If you have someone you trust, let them know if you are feeling down or lonely – so they know you won’t mind if they check in with you more often.
  • This provides quick access to those who empower you on your recovery journey.

“The truth is you can lessen some of the health risks with exercise, a good diet, and by ensuring you have meaningful relationships in your life,” he said in an enjoyable, low-slung Texan accent. “A lot of the people I see who are drinking heavily are also eating crap diets.” He then went on to describe how lifestyles that foster addiction often come with other destructive facets. drinking out of boredom It’s very common for people, especially those with additional mental health issues like depression and anxiety, to drink out of boredom. Many people claim that they drink for the totally opposite reason – they find themselves drinking out of boredom. Here are some tips to stop drinking alcohol out of boredom. Most people experience stress and try their best to alleviate it.

Talk to a Professional

The longer your thoughts go untethered, the more likely they’ll venture to a dangerous place. To stay sober, you must keep yourself and your thoughts occupied. Pay attention to women you admire, ask yourself, do I want what they have?

i drink because im bored

They bought themselves watercolor paints, or beautiful crayons. They sit on their front porch, and they paint pictures and they learn. I, personally, in early sobriety, took an online style class called “style and style mobility”. And it was a whole bunch of videos and prompts and notebooks.

Boredom and isolation are known relapse triggers for people with substance use disorders. An important way to safeguard your sobriety is to be aware of this and take steps to mitigate it. Thank you for listening to this episode of The Hello Someday Podcast. If you’re interested in learning more about me or the work I do or accessing free resources and guides to help you build a life you love without alcohol, please visit

You might start by talking to your physician. Discuss your drinking patterns and any concerns you have. A screening test could give you a little more feedback about whether your drinking is a problem.

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