The Rapid Wrench Melbourne
Karen Burt
July 9, 2016
Jason McNally
July 9, 2016


I met Chris, Darren and the rest of the team in July 2015 when I had issues with my Skoda. I have a trusted mechanic but I wanted someone with impeccable knowledge of VW engines for my problem. They got my business car in quickly and also loaned me a Honda CRV which I ended up working out of for 3 weeks while issues with my Skoda got resolved. I wasn’t charged for the car hire. It turned out the Skoda needed a new engine. I was given honest advice about the repair vs the replacement of the engine. Straight off I was given a very reasonable price for the replacement. There were many many issues that had to be resolved such as a dead battery, key FOB’s not working, tunes no running well, and boost not building. It took time, but the boys got to the bottom of the problems and basically put lots and lots of hours in to the job that were not charged. I’m very impressed and would recommend these guys. Thanks Chris and the team.